Strengthen Your Roof

Through our Inland Strengthen Your Roof Program, Eligible Policyholders Can Apply for a Grant up to $6,000 to Install a FORTIFIED Roof

North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association (NCIUA) is one of the first organizations in the nation to begin offering grants to help eligible policyholders in beach and inland communities better protect their homes against the threat of hurricanes.

The Process

  • Application: The policyholder will submit their grant application through the Strengthen Your Roof website within the application period.

  • Review: NCIUA and IBHS review the application for pre-eligibility and to verify that the property is eligible for a FORTIFIED Roof™. Once the application is approved, the grant funds are reserved for the policyholder.

  • Construction: Once approved, the policyholder will request bid(s) from contractor(s) through their Strengthen Your Roof dashboard. We’ll Ensure Your Roof Matches Your Overall Curb Appeal.

  • ​Evaluator: After the construction is complete, the IBHS Evaluator will confirm the roof has been completed per required IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ standards and submit all required documentation to IBHS.

  • Payment: NCIUA will distribute grant funds to the policyholder 

  • ​For more information on the Grant Process, please click here.

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Comments after Hurricanes Florence, Dorian, and Isaias from NCIUA Policyholders with FORTIFIED Roofs™

5 stars

"I was proactive in protecting my house because of the grant from NCIUA. I was so glad to have installed the roof ahead of hurricane season."

5 stars

I felt more secure during the hurricane knowing I had a new roof; I couldn't have been happier. I have told everybody to be proactive, and this grant pushed me to do that."

5 stars

"My roof was excellent. The yard had lots of shingles in it, but they weren’t mine! Thanks for the grant."

5 stars

"The FORTIFIED Roof is like preventative health care to mitigate future issues."

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